We do not have kittens for the moment.

For more information consult our “plans” page.

Our codes

Available — the kitten is still available.
Option — one person interested in the kitten (breeding/show).
Reserved — reservation has been confirmed.
New owner — the kitten is already with his new family.


The kittens will stay with us up to 14 weeks (Portugal) or 16 weeks (foreign country);

They will have pedigree CPF/FIFe;

They will receive all the vaccines before they left us (rabies vaccine for overseas);

In the case of kittens for breeding and/or shows, they will have a european passport;

They will be dewormed several times;

They will have identification microchip and will be checked by a certified vet. before they leave us;

They will only leave us with a contract signed by both parts that will serve as a defense of interest on my kittens which I consider essential;

Kittens sold as pets must be neutered (up to 8 months of age);

And last but not the least, our background support for their entire life.

Having a kitten at home is something that should be considered and not an impulse, it should be a family decision because kittens will share many years of life with us.
Before taking any decision, search in internet, in our feniculture clube about what´s the best breed for you and your family lifestyle, visit several catteries – be also a responsible future owner.

At 14 weeks kittens will be well socialized and have a more stable immune system which contributes to their perfect adaptation their new home.

Our kittens are raised in our home as family members have access to all the house – play and sleep where they want, and they have access to fully fenced outdoor areas so we look for responsible pet owners and that can give them the same conditions that they are used since they were born.

We do not let kittens go to homes where they are allowed to room free. Gardens, windows and balconies should also be secure to prevent them to run away or fall.

We just let breeding cats go to registered breeders. Showing cats only under certain conditions that will be considered case by case

We do not send cats by cargo or strangers, the new owner will have to visit us and get the kitten. We can consider deliver the kitten in his new home, but this requires additional conditions.

Do not forget that every kitten is a being of unique personality so allow him time to adapt.

I would always keep in touch with the new families which will have immense pleasure to help whenever necessary.

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