The Breed

The Norwegian Forest Cats is a friendly, adventurous, sociable, calm cat and perfectly adaptable to life in an apartment. He gets along well with other animals and is extremely tolerant and playful with children.

They are excellent hunters, natural climbers and extremely intelligent. Owner of an outstanding curiosity, he follows the owners everywhere wanting to know about their activities but never losing their own will and independence.

He is also known in the wild for descending from trees with their head turned to the ground, something unusual for any other breed.


Oficial Standard for FIFe

Size: big.
Coat: semi-long, has a wooly sub-fur covered with a long, thick and waterproof shiny top-coat.
Color: all colours are allowed, except pointed patterns, chocolate, lilac cinnamon and fawn. All amounts of white are allowed.
Head: triangular, all sides are equal, good height when seen in profile, forehead slightly rounded, long straight profile without break in the line (stop) with a strong chin.
Ears: big, with a good width at the base, pointy tips, lynx tuft and longhairs protruding from the ears. They should be positioned at the high part of the head and apart, as to form an exterior line from the ears to the head and chin.
Eyes: big and oval, wide open, slightly obliquely positioned with an alert expression. All colours are allowed independently of the coat colour.
Body: long, strong constitution and solid bone structure.
Legs: strong and high on legs, being the hind legs taller than the front ones, the paws are wide, round in proportion to the legs.
Tail: long and bushy, reaching the shoulder blades but preferably up to the base of the neck.